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Sizzling Bacon Forever

So I was playing around on Twitter earlier, looking for bacon related accounts, and found one for I went to the site, and all you see is a full-browser Flash video of bacon frying, accompanied by that unmistakable sizzling sound. It seems to go on forever, though I noticed after 10 minutes or so the sound went away. But my sound card has been acting up, so it may be that it’s just on a forever loop.

I really love it when people make an entire website devoted to one silly thing (not that bacon is silly). Like, or This site is great…opening it on another tab in your browser will fill your day with the soothing sound of bacon frying.

It’s perfect imagery…I never noticed before that just by seeing and hearing it, I get a phantom smell of it, too. I can kinda smell bacon just listening to it, though looking at pictures isn’t as effective. I might just have a strong audio/memory connection, but…anyway, point is, check out this site because it’s awesome.

sizzling bacon


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Hormel’s Bacon Fueled Motorcycle (Baconcycle?)

hormel bacon fueled motorcycleTo promote the upcoming San Diego Bacon Fest, Hormel has manufactured a motorcycle that runs on bacon grease, emiting exhaust that smells like bacon.

This hog-fueled hog was made as a joint effort of Hormel and Bio-Blend Fuels, and the bike really does run on a fuel made out of bacon grease. They’ve recruited a “bacon lover” to drive this beast from Austin, Minn. to San Diego, along with a camera crew, to document the journey. The documentary will be shown at the Bacon Film Festival on August 29, part of San Diego’s Bacon Week, of which Bacon Fest is a part.

The campaign was conceived by BBDO Minneapolis, an ad company that’s worked with Hormel extensively.

The bike reportedly gets between 75 and 100 miles to the gallon, which makes bacon fuel sound like a pretty attractive prospect. While it might cost more than a gallon of gas to get enough bacon to produce a gallon of grease, but at least you’d get to eat a lot of bacon, right?

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