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Awesome Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Burgers

A New Twist on Bacon Burgers

bacon stuffed burgersMy step mother always used to make these sort of “kitchen sink” burgers, where the toppings were mixed in with the beef. So she would chop onions, cube cheese, and mince pickles, mix them with the beef, and grill the patties. She never made them with bacon, but when I got older, I started doing it that way myself. Here’s the recipe:


2 lbs. ground beef/turkey/chicken
1 lb. bacon
1 large yellow onion, chopped
1/2 cup cubed cheese of your choice (bacon cheddar or smoked gouda are great choices)
1/4 cup dill pickles, chopped
Worcestershire sauce
Burger seasoning

Serves ~10 (depending on burger size)


bacon stuffed cheeseburgersDirections

Cook the bacon until it’s crispy. You might like yours a little chewier. I don’t care. You need crispy for this. When it’s done, drain it on some paper towels like normal, and set them aside.

Dump the ground meat (whichever you choose) in a big mixing bowl. Combine with cheese, pickles, and onions. Crumble the bacon in as well, keeping the crumbles on the large side (maybe half-time size; you don’t want little grains of bacon, you want to know its there in the final product).

Add the worcestershire sauce and burger seasoning. The amount is up to you. I could tell you “2 tablespoons of worcestershire sauce, 2 teaspoons of seasoning” but hey man, it’s really your call. The sauce adds some bold flavor and some moisture, so add enough to keep the burgers from drying out.

TIP: When forming the burgers into patties, use a spoon to make a little indentation in the top. When grilled, burgers have a tendency to “bubble” up, and this can cause them to break. Pressing them down with the spoon prevents this.

Grill the burgers until they’re done. They’re not steaks, you don’t get to choose how done you want them.

Serve them on some nice buns. I like onion or poppy-seed rolls. You can top them with some ketchup and stuff, but don’t overdo your toppings; you’ve got most of what you need already in the burgers. That’s the beauty of these bad boys.

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