Bacon Candles For Sale!

Hey you guys! Sorry I’ve been kinda inactive for the last week. Fall is here and I’ve started getting busy with some crafts. I absolutely love crafts, and if I had my way, I’d make my living selling candles and oils and all sorts of awesome fun stuff. And so, while it might be a bit crass to promote my own crafts, I wanted to share this lovely creation with you!

I present to you my BACON SCENTED CANDLE!

bacon scented candle for sale

As you can see, what I do is make two different colors of wax, so that I can create three color bands that look like a strip of bacon! You can’t see the top strip, as it’s obscured by the burlap I use on the lid. The scent is pretty strong, with the smokey and savory fragrance of frying bacon.

I’m calling my candle endeavour the Redneck Candle Company. So far I’ve made a bacon and a sweet tea scent. I’m from the south, and I know what folks like down here. I’m trying to figure out how I can create a fried chicken fragrance…if I can get that down, I’ll have a dang gold mine! I put them in mason jars with burlap and twine on the lid to give it a real down-home feel, and intend to come up with plenty more southern themed fragrances (thus the name).

If you’re looking for a great, homemade gift for the bacon lover in your life, I hope you’ll consider picking up one of these candles. The 4 oz. is only $5, which I think we can agree is super affordable! I will be making larger sizes as well, but for now I’m just doing the small ones. Check it out, and thanks!

You can check out the candle by clicking this sentence!

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Sizzling Bacon Forever

So I was playing around on Twitter earlier, looking for bacon related accounts, and found one for I went to the site, and all you see is a full-browser Flash video of bacon frying, accompanied by that unmistakable sizzling sound. It seems to go on forever, though I noticed after 10 minutes or so the sound went away. But my sound card has been acting up, so it may be that it’s just on a forever loop.

I really love it when people make an entire website devoted to one silly thing (not that bacon is silly). Like, or This site is great…opening it on another tab in your browser will fill your day with the soothing sound of bacon frying.

It’s perfect imagery…I never noticed before that just by seeing and hearing it, I get a phantom smell of it, too. I can kinda smell bacon just listening to it, though looking at pictures isn’t as effective. I might just have a strong audio/memory connection, but…anyway, point is, check out this site because it’s awesome.

sizzling bacon


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Customized Bacon Milkshakes at Five Guys

bacon milkshakes five guys

The Five Guys burger chain is beginning testing on customizable milkshakes. The options are mostly pretty normal, but one option in particular will thrill bacon fans.

You start with vanilla, then add your choice of mixer – anything from chocolate, to salted caramel, to crumbled applewood smoked bacon.

Will the newly widespread availability of bacon milkshakes change the world? Well, we’re going to see a lot more milkshake consumption. Industry and commerce may slow down as people begin taking more time at lunch to enjoy their customized bacon shake. We expect there to be roughly a 10,000% increase in demand for bacon and of course dairy products. This should change the face of the agricultural industry. And hopefully we will see a boom in our national economy due to this!

The customizable shake thing is being tested at select Five Guys locations in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and North Carolina. Sorry, other 46 states…but hopefully it will work out, and you’ll see it come your way soon!

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Hormel’s Bacon Fueled Motorcycle (Baconcycle?)

hormel bacon fueled motorcycleTo promote the upcoming San Diego Bacon Fest, Hormel has manufactured a motorcycle that runs on bacon grease, emiting exhaust that smells like bacon.

This hog-fueled hog was made as a joint effort of Hormel and Bio-Blend Fuels, and the bike really does run on a fuel made out of bacon grease. They’ve recruited a “bacon lover” to drive this beast from Austin, Minn. to San Diego, along with a camera crew, to document the journey. The documentary will be shown at the Bacon Film Festival on August 29, part of San Diego’s Bacon Week, of which Bacon Fest is a part.

The campaign was conceived by BBDO Minneapolis, an ad company that’s worked with Hormel extensively.

The bike reportedly gets between 75 and 100 miles to the gallon, which makes bacon fuel sound like a pretty attractive prospect. While it might cost more than a gallon of gas to get enough bacon to produce a gallon of grease, but at least you’d get to eat a lot of bacon, right?

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ikes place doomsday

Ike’s Place is a sandwich shop in San Francisco with a menu chock full of wonderfully inventive original sandwiches. One of their best known is the DOOMSDAY. This monster consists of bacon, jack cheese, habanero salsa, ham, mozarella sticks, pastrami, roast beef, salami, stuffed jalapeno poppers, and turkey. Yes, not only does it have the meat of 3 diferent animals on there, it’s also got a pair of damn appetizers. Brilliant!

Wear a tight vest when you order this sandwich, because it’s the sort of insanity that makes your heart skip a beat, just before jumping out of your chest and running for its life. Seriously, we can’t reccommend eating an entire Doomsday unless your name is Adam Richman. Order it as a novelty, cut it into a few pieces, and share it with some friends. And watch out for that habanero salsa!

Here’s a little video I found about Ike’s Place on YouTube that’s kinda funny:

I like how he describes his customer base as “CEO’s, homeless people, your mother…”

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The Best & Worst Bacon Brands At Grocery Stores, According To Consumer Reports

Reblogged from Huffpo: The Best & Worst Bacon Brands At Grocery Stores, According To Consumer Reports.

Between July and August, the average price of bacon soared almost 11 percent, to $5.62 per pound. Even adjusted for inflation, that’s the highest it’s ever been by a significant margin. So now more than ever, when you buy bacon, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

That’s where trustworthy Consumer Reports comes in. For their November 2013 issue, the magazine’s staff took on the extremely enviable task of cooking up 15 packs of widely-available brands of bacon to find out which ones taste the best.

(A quick disclaimer: it’s entirely possible that the best bacon out there is made by some boutique smokehouses like Benton’s or Nodine’s, but those aren’t usually available at normal supermarkets.)

The Consumer Reports tasters tried all sorts of bacon in their quest for breakfast perfection: traditional, thick-cut, low-sodium, natural, pre-cooked, turkey. They actually liked most of what they ate, rating 12 of the 15 types at least a “Very Good.” Even the two pre-cooked options, by Hormel and Oscar Mayer, merited the Consumer Reports check mark of approval.

The three highest- and lowest-rated bacon brands in the Consumer Reports article are below. If you’re looking for another one of your favorites, the tasters also liked Hormel Original, Trader Joe’s, Smithfield and Niman Ranch, albeit a little less than the top three contenders.

  • Best In Show: Kirkland Signature Regular Sliced
    Consumer Reports
    Kirkland Signature was the only brand Consumer Reports rated “Excellent.” It’s available only at Costco, and was in the midrange of price at 47 cents for each 2-slice serving. There’s a catch, though, even if you already have a Costco membership: it’s sold only in increments of four 1-pound packages.
  • Among The Best: Oscar Mayer Thick Cut
    Consumer Reports
    Oscar Mayer’s Thick Cut came in second in the Consumer Reports test, with a “Very Good” rating. It’s a bit cheaper (at 42 cents a serving) and slightly lower in calories than the Kirkland.
  • Among The Best: Great Value Lower Sodium
    Consumer Reports
    Walmart’s in-house brand, Great Value, came in third. It had lower sodium than all brands rated “Very Good” in the Consumer Reports taste test except Niman Ranch Maple Uncured, which costs nearly twice as much.
  • Among The Worst: Oscar Mayer Turkey
    Consumer Reports
    Oscar Mayer’s turkey bacon got the highest ratings of the three in the Consumer Reports article, but it also had the most calories and sodium of the bunch.
  • Among The Worst: Jennie-O Turkey
    Consumer Reports
    Jennie-O Turkey bacon got the second-lowest ratings of all bacons tested.
  • Worst In Show: Butterball Turkey Original
    Consumer Reports
    Here’s the good news: Butterball Turkey Bacon is the cheapest and least caloric bacon tested by Consumer Reports, with just 25 calories in each 11-cent slice. The bad news? It tasted the worst.
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Reggie Deluxe

 reggie deluxe biscuit

The Reggie Deluxe is the specialty (or one of them) of Pine State Biscuits in Portland. This is the mother of all chicken sandwiches. A fried chicken breast topped with bacon, cheese, a fried egg, and sausage gravy, all crammed between two buttermilk biscuits.

This behemoth is not just a breakfast item. This is Sunday morning breakfast when you just want to be full for the rest of the week. Granted, you’ll probably spend at least Sunday and part of Monday in a food coma, but if you don’t mind having to call into work for reasons of BISCUIT, it’s got to be worth it. If for no other reason than to say that you ate it.

Eating something like this isn’t just a meal. It’s an experience. It’s a story to tell your friends, your children, and their children. Bards and Skalds write lyrical poetry about events like this, that are retold, handed down, and eventually become legend. So while you’ll need a couple of years on the treadmill after you ingest this bastard, you’ll at least be immortalized through song forever after.

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Social Media’s Best Bacon Dishes in the USA

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Our data set uses social media ratings to find out the most popular bacon plates in ten major US cities: New York, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, Austin, San Diego, Atlanta, Boston, Philly, and Seattle.

For example, in New York, Crif Dogs’ Bacon-wrapped Hot Dogs edged out Dessert Truck’s Pudding with Bacon Custard, Clinton St. Baking Co.’s Sugar-Cured Bacon Side, Le Bernardin’s Bacon Ice Cream, and Alta’s Bacon-wrapped Dates and Olives.


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7 Fattiest Sandwiches in the U.S. | Care2 Healthy Living

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By Cassandra Evanas, DivineCaroline

These days, many of us have less money to spend on the necessities of life, like food. This means that when we eat out, what we order is especially important. Gone are the days where a plain turkey sandwich would suffice; if we’re going to drop money on a meal, particularly one as seemingly simple as a sandwich, it needs to be sufficiently satisfying and unique—in other words, a caloric bomb with the craziest ingredients you can imagine between two slices of bread. (We are the society that spawned ThisIsWhyYou’, after all.)

Luckily, these restaurants rose to the challenge and brought forth the most gluttonous, heart attack-inducing sandwiches you can barely wrap your mind—let alone your mouth—around.

1. The Primanti Sandwich, Primanti Bros. (Pittsburgh, PA)

At this Pittsburgh institution, all of the giant sandwiches automatically come with a heaping scoop of coleslaw, tomatoes, provolone cheese, and plenty of French fries. Any of their sandwiches are sure to quiet the loudest of stomachs, but the Cappicola & Cheese—which comes with spiced ham and a fried egg, along with the usual fixings—is an especially safe bet.

Photo source: sylvar (cc)

via 7 Fattiest Sandwiches in the U.S. | Care2 Healthy Living.

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