Bacon Candles For Sale!

Hey you guys! Sorry I’ve been kinda inactive for the last week. Fall is here and I’ve started getting busy with some crafts. I absolutely love crafts, and if I had my way, I’d make my living selling candles and oils and all sorts of awesome fun stuff. And so, while it might be a bit crass to promote my own crafts, I wanted to share this lovely creation with you!

I present to you my BACON SCENTED CANDLE!

bacon scented candle for sale

As you can see, what I do is make two different colors of wax, so that I can create three color bands that look like a strip of bacon! You can’t see the top strip, as it’s obscured by the burlap I use on the lid. The scent is pretty strong, with the smokey and savory fragrance of frying bacon.

I’m calling my candle endeavour the Redneck Candle Company. So far I’ve made a bacon and a sweet tea scent. I’m from the south, and I know what folks like down here. I’m trying to figure out how I can create a fried chicken fragrance…if I can get that down, I’ll have a dang gold mine! I put them in mason jars with burlap and twine on the lid to give it a real down-home feel, and intend to come up with plenty more southern themed fragrances (thus the name).

If you’re looking for a great, homemade gift for the bacon lover in your life, I hope you’ll consider picking up one of these candles. The 4 oz. is only $5, which I think we can agree is super affordable! I will be making larger sizes as well, but for now I’m just doing the small ones. Check it out, and thanks!

You can check out the candle by clicking this sentence!

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